Bobcat family spotted in Northwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Neighbors spotted the mother bobcat and her two cubs around 1:30 Monday afternoon roaming from yard to yard. The sighting happened in the area of Del Mar and Audubon.

/*Jo Anthony*/ and /*Kathryn Jameson*/ are still mesmerized by these photos. The pictures taken by Anthony's husband show a family of bobcats hanging out behind her Northwest Fresno home Monday afternoon. In one shot, the cubs can be seen drinking water from the swimming pool. Jo Anthony said, "I was surprised, I loved watching it though. I felt like I was on National Geographic."

Anthony says she was standing in her kitchen when she saw something moving in her backyard.

"Then I saw two of them, and then there were three," said Anthony. "Momma and her two babies, and anyways, they killed a squirrel right here, momma did, and she let the babies eat first."

After just a few minutes, Anthony immediately called Jameson, who lives next door. She has several small animals including three cats and a rabbit.

Kathryn Jameson said, "So, we frantically ran outside and tried to round them up and get them inside."

Once inside, the bobcats did in fact, make their way into Jameson's yard.

"And they just ran around our yard a little bit, came very close to the window." Both women say this went on for about three hours.

Wildlife biologist Burleigh Lockwood, tells Action News, while bobcat sightings during the day are rare, it's likely they're simply looking for food. Burleigh Lockwood said, "It's very common for wildlife animals to take advantage of that. You don't usually see them, but they do take advantage of local pet food or if there's any pets out."

Burleigh says it's a good idea to keep animals and food inside and make loud noises if the bobcats come back.

Anthony and Jameson say they'll keep taking those precautions and urge their neighbors to do the same.

A Fish and Game employee did come by the house to give neighbors a few safety tips. But, beyond that, officials can't trap the animals -- they simply have to wait until they leave on their own.

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