Fresno PD investigates 2 separate shootings with 3 victims

FRESNO, Calif.

The first shooting happened shortly after seven o'clock near Belmont and Fresno, in Central Fresno.

The second shooting took place just minutes later, in front of a market on the corner of Elm and Chester Riggins in Southwest Fresno. The victim is in his late 60's or early 70's. Friday, police said he was in critical condition.

"He don't bother nobody. He's been my neighbor for over 25 years."

Donnie Johnson stood by and watched as an ambulance carrying his friend left the scene Friday night. He and the victim live just around the corner. He says, they both walk to the Family Food Market nearly every day.

Donnie Johnson said, "Don't nobody wanna get shot. Everybody wants to feel safe walking to their neighborhood going to the store, so you know."

According to Fresno Police, the victim had just left the store, when someone approached him during his short walk home.

Lt. Martinez said, "And was on the backside of the store when he was confronted by at least one suspect and there was some type of struggle and ultimately he was shot."

Investigators say the victim staggered to the front --where he asked for help. At this point, they're not sure why the man was targeted.

"We do know the victim was carrying merchandise so we don't know if someone was trying to rob him of his merchandise or if this was based on some type of prior confrontation we're unaware of at this time."

As for the victim's family members, they arrived shortly after the shooting clearly upset after learning their loved one had been shot.

Police did go door to door looking for the possible gunman. But, at this point, no arrests have been made. The victim's identity has not been released.

Just three miles away from that scene, Fresno Police responded to a shooting near Belmont and Fresno.

Police say two men at a bus stop in Central Fresno were shot after a confrontation with someone in a car. Officers say the victims suffered non-life threatening injuries.

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