Occupy protesters return to Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

The arrests come exactly one month after this group began camping out in Downtown Fresno's Courthouse Park.

A large group is gathering for a general assembly meeting on Sunday night. They came to talk about their issues with local law enforcement and to talk about their main agenda -- which is to protest what they call corporate greed and other economic issues.

The protesters were upset, about arrests made Sunday morning. Fresno county deputies arrived in riot gear and the protesters were arrested after refusing to leave Courthouse Park just after 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

The sheriff's office says 13 people were arrested for violating a county ordinance. The ordinance requires protesters to obtain a permit to gather on public property within the county. Occupy Fresno did have a permit, but it expired on the November 1st. Protesters say they hope the arrests help to increase their support locally.

Many of those arrested morning were back at Courthouse Park after they were released from jail.

"They're not going to stop us from doing the things that we want to do. They just added another obstacle to the things that we want to do. We really want to be able to cooperate with the city and county," said one protester.

Sheriff's deputies and protesters were back at the park Sunday afternoon. The Sheriff's deputies have stayed in the park since the arrests Sunday morning to make sure no one violated any laws or ordinances.

Occupy Fresno is a branch of the Occupy Wall Street Movement which says it's upset with corporate greed and economic inequalities.

Sheriff Margaret Mims said this morning that the group has been peaceful, even as they were arrested. She said she's concerned with activity in the park because the fallen police officer's memorial out here was vandalized -- someone wrote on the wall "All banks are corrupt."

Police in Atlanta Georgia said 19 occupy protesters were arrested Saturday night when they refused to leave an area park.

The protesters gathered in the park and flooded into nearby streets -- blocking traffic at one point. Police allowed protesters to stay until the park closed at 11 o'clock, then began arresting those who refused to leave.

On October 26th, Atlanta Police arrested more than 50 people for staying in the park after closing time.

City officials in Vancouver, Canada say occupy protesters there have to go -- following the death of an activist.

Protest organizers say a woman was found dead at the encampment Saturday. She died from an apparent drug overdose.

Now Vancouver's mayor says the protesters must leave as soon as possible. The mayor has faced criticism from opponents because he allowed the tents to stay up for several weeks.

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