Packing heat will be easier in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Lee Brand said, "Basically any citizen concerned for their safety their family their friends their employees."

City Council President Lee Brand pushed a measure allowing anyone who feels the need, and can pass a background check can carry a gun.

Fresno's Police Chief is behind it. "I do support this change."

This put the chief at odds with one of his former employees. City Council Member Oliver Baines, a former police officer argued against the policy.

"I have grave, grave reservations," said Baines. "I think it is the wrong message to send to our constituency."

Several citizens spoke out against the measure.

Steve Smith told the council, "It's a bad idea, and we need not go backwards to the wild-wild west of gunslingers."

Howard Watkins said, "That means the city council if you adopt this ordinance would be saying we want Fresno to be an armed community, and I don't think that's a message I would like to see this city have."

But five members of the council thought it was a good message and approved the measure. Something gun dealer Barry Bauer supported.

Bauer said, "There is just no reason we shouldn't let good citizens protect themselves."

It will be up to Chief Dyer to work out the details but it appears that any Fresno resident over 21 who wants to carry a gun, can go through proper training and pass a background check, will soon be able to carry a concealed weapon in public.

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