First 5 Tulare County Commission prepares for cuts


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This year, the First 5 Tulare County Commission is preparing for major cutbacks in state funding.

In turn, those cuts will be trickling down to First 5's four family resource centers in Tulare County.

The cuts range from a $40 thousand reduction to more than $300 thousand in lost money.

Woodlake is seeing the deepest cuts with a 62-percent reduction.

Phil Cox, First 5 Tulare County Commission Chair said, "A lot of cases these are children with special needs that might have mental or physical handicaps so it's difficult to cut funding anytime but we can really only provide funding we receive."

Just last May, state cuts to First 5 programs caused a huge loss in funding for many of First 5's school readiness programs in Tulare County.

This next year, they may see even more cuts, if not a total loss in funding.

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