Feb. 14 AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif.

Carrot growers say the upcoming spring season will produce a good yield.

Growers say the winter season brought lower-than-average yields, but they're looking forward to a rebound in the spring.

Ag experts say carrot prices are expected to rise up to 5-percent within the next few weeks because carrot shipments to the US are slow right now.


The cost of California-grown kiwi fruit may be on it's way down.

Ag experts say good weather last year has made for a good kiwi crop in California.

But a large portion of kiwis is still unharvested.

Growers in California still have a lot of fruit in the fields and the large amount of unharvested fruit could mean lower prices.

Right now there are double as many millions of kiwi trays left.

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