Man handcuffed outside court in fatal DUI case

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Shawn Schulte*/, 20, died after police say the drunk 18-year-old hit him in his pickup truck and left the scene.

Even before the first witness took the stand this case has been very emotional for all sides. And that emotion reached a breaking point outside the courtroom.

/*Hollis Roberts*/ was called to court Tuesday but instead of testifying, he was handcuffed and cited for intimidating a witness outside the courtroom.

The drama is another chapter in the heated preliminary hearing of /*Austin Jantz*/. Tuesday the exchanges between family members and friends got hostile in the hallway as Jantz' attorney called in two witnesses who talked about the drinking and fighting before the deadly crash. But prosecutors say Jantz committed several crimes that January night.

Deputy district attorney Dennis Verzosa said, "The person seen hitting the victim that night was Austin Jantz, the person with a point 15 blood alcohol level was Austin Jantz, these are all issues of fact for the jury to decide."

Defense attorneys contend Jantz was getting beaten up and just wanted to leave as fast as he could. "He had abrasions all over his body, he had been severely beaten," said Jim Wasson. "The evidence is clear that at the time of this beating, that my client ran to his car to get away."

In the end, the judge decided there is enough evidence to hold the 18-year-old on all charges, which include gross vehicular manslaughter, hit and run and felony DUI.

The judge is also considering whether he will allow Jantz out of jail on his own recognizance.

If convicted, Jantz could face eight years in prison.

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