City Council debates the future of Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Thursday night, hundreds of people packed Fresno City Hall to voice their opinion about what's next for the City of Fresno. That meeting lasted more than six hours, but in the end the council decided to postpone a vote on the city's 2035 General Plan -- Fresno's legal blueprint for how it wants to grow.

The council debated, discussed, and reviewed four different plans. Each alternative has a different mission for growth and expansion for the city.

But some Fresno residents are interested in a 5th plan. "We are pushing for Alternative E, because it pushes growth. We would like to see growth in Southwest Fresno. To bolster the economy in Southwest and take advantage of the infrastructure that's already in place down there," said Jeff Roberts with Granville Homes.

The Fresno City Council is scheduled to vote on the plan in two weeks. Officials say the city still has to complete an environmental study of the 2035 General Plan.

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