Gas stations sell gas for less than $4/gallon

FRESNO, Calif.

A gas station in Southeast Fresno is just one of several now offering gas below $4 a gallon. There, it's been busy over the past few days as word spread. "My aunt told me about this place. She said it was under $4 a gallon and I couldn't believe it!" said Robert Sanchez of Fresno.

Sanchez just bought his car a month and a half ago. As a new father, he's doing whatever he can to save money -- even giving up smoking. "I had to give up something. It wasn't going to be the coffee!" said Sanchez.

While gas prices are still well above $4 a gallon in some Valley spots, people are taking note of the latest drop. On Monday, users reported at least 10 gas stations selling fuel for less than $4 a gallon. "Last month, I put in almost $500 worth of gas, with the prices being over $4 a gallon. So I get to actually have fun now... go fishing when I want!" said Robert Johnson of Fresno.

But what remains to be seen is how long the prices will continue to drop and if they'll creep back up again. Patrick DeHaan with said things seemed to have calmed down since an earlier refinery fire drove up prices. "Prices typically peak in late April or early May, but with that refinery fire in Washington, everything seemingly took a bump in terms of a timeline," said DeHaan.

While drivers have no choice but to wait it out and search for cheap gas, businesses like U-Save Gasoline are also playing the game. There, managers check out online websites to make sure they're offering the lowest price. "I always watch it so I can put my price down. It makes a big difference," said Jitinder Singh Banwait.

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