Gusty conditions left a mess near Kerman


"I don't believe it."

That's what Faustino Quinonez said, when ABC30 told him, there was in fact, no tornado.

"No tornado?"

Not even close, says the National Weather Service. Their team of experts surveyed Friday night's aftermath at West Church and Jamison in Fresno County.

They saw the torn and twisted carport awning, the shifted horse trailer, and the ornaments that decorated something other than a lawn. And they spent a lot of time looking at the downed trees.

The fallen trees gave the weather service their evidence. Turns out, all of these, fell in the same direction indicating straight line winds. Now, had they fallen in a circular pattern, in all sorts of different directions well that would have meant a tornado came through.

Action News Meteorologist, Kevin Musso said, "Straight line winds are strong enough to do the damage which would put an impression on you that wow, must have been a tornado."

As for those downed trees, new ones have already been planted, that was the first order of business, as it will now take more than three years for any of those new trees to produce anything of value.

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