Ex-high school coach accused of having sex with a player


/*Robert Gonzales*/, 29, was taken into custody at his Visalia home Friday. He has since bailed out of jail.

The suspect was an assistant girls' basketball coach at Golden West High School. He was initially arrested back in January, but investigators didn't have enough evidence to hold him until now.

Detectives say 29-year-old Robert Gonzales met the 17-year-old victim at Golden West High School where he coached her in basketball.

Lt. Brian Winter with the Visalia Police Department said, "We believe that the relationship itself did not go on for a long time. We also believe that the relationship started after Mr. Gonzales left the school district for unknown reasons and that that's truly when the relationship became sexual in nature."

Visalia Police initially received an anonymous tip regarding Gonzales and his former player back in January. At the time, the District Attorney didn't feel as though there was enough evidence to try the case. After five months of further investigation, officers re-arrested Gonzales Friday at his home in a Visalia neighborhood.

Lt. Brian Winter said, "The District Attorney's office requested some follow up investigation which our police department did handle. 4:50 the victim was cooperative in this case." Reporter asked, "And Mr. Gonzales?"

Lt. Brian Winter replied, "He was also cooperative in the case."

Investigators have reached out to District officials, in case additional students come forward. But, at this point they do not have reason to believe there are any more victims.

Police do not know why Gonzales left Golden West, or how long he worked here. Action News did speak with a District Official, who could not elaborate on those details either. He says administrators are cooperating with detectives.

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