Valley Works: Teens looking for summer work

FRESNO, California

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Duabge Lor, 19, just finished up his two year program at Fresno City College and will be transferring to Fresno State in the fall. He is just beginning his search for a summer job.

Charlez`sette Day said, "Those students who are just now starting their job search are a little late."

Fresno City College job developer, Charlez`sette Day, says its best to start that job search in April before school is out. But Day tells students to not be discouraged because there are still jobs out there. She said, "Young people just really need to know where to look."

99 percent of jobs are on line today, but going door to door as 18-year-old Angelic Pool did, is also a good approach. It allowed her to make contact with the employer.

Day says if you do go door to door dress professionally and be prepared, the employer may want to interview you on the spot. One thing you shouldn't do, submit an application online and wait to be contacted, it's important to follow-up She said, "If you went online still contact that employer with a personal visit, say I submitted my application I am just touching bases to see if you received it yet."

Day also encourages young people to network, tell everyone, you know, from the manager at your neighborhood supermarket to someone at your church that you are looking for a job.

Putting teens to work is seen as an important issue so much so that the president got involved. In January President Obama announced the Summer Jobs Plus initiate. A private- public partnership where dozens of us companies pledged to hire teens this summer one of those companies is PG&E.

PG&E provided the Boys and Girls Club of Fresno County with a $200 thousand grant. The money is being used to train and teach job skills to teens who go to the clubs.

Rami Abunamous said, "It gave us more experience it taught us how to do resume, communication skills professional skills."

Clovis West grad Rami Abunamous, is one of fifty young people who landed a job out of the program.

Companies such as Me-n-Ed's, Duncan Enterprises and even two members of the Fresno City Council have pledged to hire these young people for summer employment.

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