Selma students remember two brothers killed in murder-suicide

FRESNO, Calif.

Aryan Singh, 15, and his brother, Chris, 17, both attended Selma High School. Investigators say the pair, along with their mother and baby brother all died at the hands of their father, Avtar Singh.

The vigil took place inside the football stadium. Students organized the event saying, while not everyone at school knew the brothers, they wanted to give the entire student body a chance to grieve together.

The mood inside Sanger High School's football stadium was somber Monday, as dozens of students honored the memory of Aryan and Chris Singh.

Karen Bains, a Selma H.S. student said, "We felt like it was important to show that we remember them as who they were -- which were students at Selma High School."

One by one, friends laughed and cried as they shared memories of the pair.

One friend said, "I remember walking into the office and tell him to do his work cause he would just sit there and crack jokes."

The brothers had just completed their sophomore and junior years respectively, when investigators say their father, Avtar Singh shot them June 9th. Chris, his baby brother and their mother died instantly. Aryan was taken off life support this past Thursday.

Jennifer Clay of Selma said, "It's just very overwhelming to the whole community to the whole town of Selma."

Jennifer Clay is a member of Selma High School's ROTC booster club. That's where she and her daughter Sarah, got to know 15-year-old, Aryan whose friends describe him as a jokester with a positive spirit. Isaac Gutierrez knew both brothers well. He last saw Chris the day before he died.

Issac Gutierrez said, "I was with Chris in summer school this summer school semester. I was seeing him every day and he's not there anymore."

Action News has learned their father, Avtar Singh was wanted for murder in his native India. He was also on probation for domestic violence, and just a week before he committed the murders, Singh was in court facing new charges in a hit and run case.

Despite his past, those who knew the family say they never could have predicted a tragedy like this. Which is why loved ones here hope others will focus less on how the Singh family died and remember them for how they lived.

Family members did not attend the vigil. The funeral will be held on Wednesday, followed by a car wash fundraiser in Selma at the Rite Aid on July 14th.

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