Effort to bring Conan bobblehead to Fresno creating buzz

FRESNO, Calif.

People are actively calling on the late night host to visit Fresno. "Conan's stimulus plan" calls for his giant bobblehead to boost tourism.

Comedians always seem to pick on Fresno but this time people seem to welcome O'Brien's attention.

Conan's suitors in Fresno are lining up. Everyone says they have the perfect spot. Some say it'd be perfect next to the historic water tower, but the grizzlies believe bobbleheads and baseball go hand in hand.

It is actually "bring Conan bobblehead to Fresno" night at Chukchansi Park on Thursday night.

"If your name is Conan, free ticket. If your last name is O'Brien free ticket. If you're a redhead free ticket," Chris Kutz of The Grizzlies said.

A Facebook page hoping to bring Coco to Fresno already has more than 1600 "likes". Mayor Ashley Swearengin fired off a letter to formally invite O'Brien to Fresno.

Perhaps Conan's bobblehead could help revitalize the Fulton Mall.

"We're open to anything that would bring excitement and new things to Fresno. I think Conan would be a great addition. His bobblehead would fit well with the buildings around here," Charles Atikian of Fresno said.

The Big Fresno Fair extended an invitation to Conan through Twitter. Others say Conan's bobblehead was made for River Park.

Conan's publicist told Action News he has no idea if O'Brien or the bobblehead will ever make it to Fresno.

He says the ongoing bit on the show is often revisited. But judging from the overwhelming reaction, Conan might have to make a special trip.

Watch full episode of Conan's show (Fresno mention is at 10:20)

Fresno mayor's letter to Conan O'Brien (PDF)

Conan O'Brien night at the Grizzlies (PDF)

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