Kerman students return to school

FRESNO, Calif.

The school district there is among the first in the Valley to start the new school year.

Many high school students arrived just before 8 a.m., returning from a nice summer break.

"I'm excited because it's going to be a new year with a lot of studying ahead and stress," sophomore Edgar Ordaz said.

The first day of school in Kerman was hot. Students district-wide experienced triple digit temperatures.

District officials are keeping a close eye on the heat but aren't making any sweeping changes.

"I think the only concern is with our athletic teams and recess and those types of things. We keep track of what's going on with the air quality web site and if things look like we need to stop activity. We do," Assistant Superintendent Mark Ruiz said.

Kerman High School's fall outdoor sports including football teams will not practice in the afternoon.

Meanwhile at Goldenrod Elementary, Matthew Pacheco's mother isn't too worried about her son outside of the classroom.

"You know of course we're always worried about being in the sun, make sure we get sun screen on our kids the schools do a really great job of making sure that they're safe. So we don't worry too much about that," Alena Pacheco said.

Temperatures in the Valley should be a little bit more comfortable in the coming weeks. In September Kerman Unified will add intramural sports to its k-6 curriculum at a time when other school districts are cutting back.

"Our 5th and 6th graders are going to be playing each other in different sports - cross country, softball, baseball, basketball, volleyball,"

New this year, two brand new large school buses that are air pollution friendly and air conditioned. Both are perfect for the part of town this time of year.

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