Water is back on in a SE Fresno neighborhood

FRESNO, Calif.

The broken pipe at Pitt and McMillin sent thousands of gallons of water gushing into the street.

The city was forced to shut the water off for several hours while they worked to fix a faulty pipe beneath the street's surface.

City workers covered a giant sinkhole. A faulty outdated pipe is blamed for the rupture.

"The particular type of pipe that was used is no longer in our standards," Fresno Public Utilities Director Patrick Wiemiller said. "We recognized it on other occasions where we lost a similar type of pipe to this one."

The city official says they tested the sewer line in the area to insure there is no blockage or any other problem for residents. They say the water is safe to drink.

In the video, Action News anchor Jason Oliveira has complete coverage on the story.

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