Clovis Unified warning about homemade explosives

FRESNO, Calif.

The bombs were found in Veterans Memorial Stadium at Buchanan High School. Some had already gone off, and others were still live when police showed up.

On Monday night the school district wants everyone to be aware of what these bombs look like, because most are made using empty water bottles.

The explosives look like used water bottles with a candy wrapper inside, but the concoction is a dangerous mix, that when picked up or moved can explode.

Clovis Unified officials aren't laughing.

"Anybody who might think its funny to set something out and wait to see what happens that really, they are taking an unnecessary risk and putting someone in harm's way," Kelly Avants of Clovis Unified School District said.

Last week one family in Fresno county also found explosive bottles in their front yard. They thought they were trash until they got close enough to see the foil and remnants. The chemicals melted the bottle.

Clovis Unified officials say the bombs were found in various stages of exploding.

"There were several objects that were found, some of them had already blown apart, the bottles had blown apart, others were just sitting there, others had already detonated a while ago," Avants said.

Clovis Police are trying to collect evidence off the bottles to track down who may be to blame, but district officials hope if anyone spots any suspicious bottles, they do not pick them up or assume they are trash.

No additional explosive devices have been found and no arrests have been made. If you know who may be responsible, Clovis Police want to hear from you.

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