Tulare man on trial for grandmother's brutal stabbing death


/*Raul Viveros*/ listened to more testimony on day five of his murder trial. The 20-year-old is charged with stabbing and killing his grandmother at a Tulare home both were staying at two years ago.

Forensic Specialist Mindy Crow said, "It's a pair of brown leather woven sandals that were submitted as item 52."

The prosecution called its final witnesses to the stand on Monday, presenting forensic evidence linking Viveros to the murder.

The DNA profile obtained by the apparent blood stain on the sandals was consistent with the victim, Soledad Hinojos

/*Soledad Hinojos*/, 71, raised Viveros since he was five, but prosecutors say he turned against her.

Investigators say Viveros stabbed his grandmother more than fifty times then took her car to get away. Police found him the next day near Bakersfield. But a murder weapon was never recovered.

"Would you mind showing the jury, how that sword works for the record, the witness has defense exhibit M, he's opening it and revealing that there is a knife inside a cane."

The defense presented several weapons as evidence found inside the home the two were staying at the time of murder. The swords belong to another resident.

"How about defense exhibit M, the other sword, did it appear to be blood on that."


"Did that appear to be freshly washed?"

"No it did not."

The defense says investigators can't link those weapons to the crime. The defense argues there is not enough compelling evidence to prove Viveros killed his grandmother.

Now both sides will submit closing arguments Tuesday and then the case goes over to the jury. If found guilty, Viveros faces 26 years to life in prison.

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