Cops in Clovis shutdown an ecstasy drug lab

FRESNO, Calif.

Officers say two men, /*Anthony Smith*/, 20, and /*Cody Long*/, 19, were walking in the parking lot and showed symptoms of being under the influence of drugs. They also say one of the men was carrying stolen property from a nearby apartment.

When officers went to the apartment to locate the victim, they found evidence of an active ecstasy lab that was still giving off strong fumes. For safety reasons, the two people inside, along with two families in adjoining apartments were evacuated.

Janet Stoll-Lee with the Clovis Police Department said, "The bottom line here is you have two people in the apartment, you have two families in adjacent apartments the fumes were strong, the mixture was hot and the necessity was to get people out. Get people in a safe place so they weren't inhaling these toxic fumes."

Both Smith and Long were arrested for being under the influence and for manufacturing a controlled substance.

A joint task force, including the Fresno Police Department, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Justice, worked together to safely dispose of the lab.

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