Avoid accidents while trick-or-treating

FRESNO, Calif.

"They're out there trick or treating and they have one thing on their mind and that is getting their candy," Sgt. Bruce Owen said. "They're not focused on the car that might be coming down the street or backing out a driveway."

Fresno police say drivers need to be cautious and those out should never assume a car can see them.

Sgt. Bruce Owen said, "We recommend taking a flashlight, wear light-colored clothing, and even reflective clothing just to help the motorists see the kids that are running around the neighborhood."

Parent of young kids say having a safe and fun Halloween is key.

Kimmie Herbert said, "There's been a lot of forethought for us. We're going to stay in our neighborhood and only go to the neighbors that we know -- probably avoid any houses that seem a little too sketchy or scary."

There are some other trick-or-treating options this Halloween. Several local churches and malls are opening their door to the community."

Trunk R Treat is back at New Convenant Church in Fresno, a night filled with candy, a carnival and a pumpkin patch.

"We'll have between probably six and 7,000 people here," Chip Henderson said. "So it's just a fun community environment where lots of people are milling having fun, enjoying it and I just love to see the kids' faces on how much candy they can actually get."

So many options and so much candy this Halloween.

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