Fresno police working to solve weekend murder

FRESNO, Calif.

Investigators are working to figure out who is to blame for stabbing the man to death.

Police tell Action News it is unclear if the killing involves drugs or is the result of a feud.

Police have been interviewing neighbors. Detectives are trying to retrace the victims last hours and figure out if he had any quarrels that may have led to his murder.

A rose and candle are a reminder of what happened on South Mayfair Drive Sunday night. Fingerprint dust is on the door of the home neighbors say Alfonso Lopez Ramos lived with a roommate.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says investigators are working to figure out why Ramos was targeted.

"There's a potential witness or person that we believe has knowledge of why the crime occurred and how it occurred and we are trying to locate that person," Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

Police say they were called out to do a welfare check at the Central Fresno duplex around 8 p.m. Officers pulled up to find Ramos lying outside the home with a fatal wound.

The murder marks the 46th in Fresno for 2012. The 7 year average is 45. Police Chief Jerry Dyer says 2012 has been a year with many unpredictable deaths.

"This year we have had more murders that involve family, friends, acquaintances and most recently coworkers and crimes that are extremely bizarre than perhaps in past years," Dyer said.

In January the year got off to a violent start when police say aide Yvette Mendez videotaped herself smoking meth before she shot and killed her one year old daughter, three year old son, and then her cousin before turning the gun on herself.

Then in march police say a dispute over a dog wandering into a neighbors backyard prompted 74-year-old Dan Andersen to shoot and kill well-known florist Franko Cardoza. Andersen later committed suicide.

Investigators say 80 percent of the murders this year have been solved. 8 remain open.

Monday afternoon detectives who worked all night, were still combing the neighborhood where the latest victim was found.

Police have no explanation for the interpersonal and domestic deaths this year. Those types of murders, officers can do little to prevent. But the police chief has noticed many of these involve drugs, alcohol, emotions and the immediate availability of a gun.

Police say they can slow gang related murders through enforcement, but the latest murder does not appear to be gang related. No arrests have been made.

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