Fog impacts travelers on the ground and air

FRESNO, Calif.

The first significant fog of the season covered roadways and freeways across the area and slowed down many people's commutes.

"Visibility is getting worse as we move in," Rodolpho Serrato said. "I hope there isn't any accidents, but we got to be careful."

The Serratos of Modesto stopped in Selma on their way down to Southern California. They say driving in the fog can be nerve racking.

Graciela Serrato said, "You can't see, it's like you're driving blind. So no i don't like like it."

But motorists weren't the only ones affected by the fog. At Fresno Chandler Airport some of the planes were grounded.

Instead of planes taking off, birds took a break on the runway. Pilot Joseph Politowicz says the fog had pilots and passengers both rethinking their flight plans.

Politowicz said, "We usually start calling our customers and the customers for our flight school and try to reschedule later in the day, if the fog will burn off or reschedule for another day altogether."

He says visibility was at a quarter mile Monday morning… far less than the three miles required for smaller planes without instruments.

"We do have a few companies that operate out of here and it is possible to take off in this condition, however, it's not the safest," Politowicz said. "It's usually better to stay on the ground."

So whether you were on the roads or trying to take to the skies. Monday was a reminder it's time for all travelers to adjust for fog season.

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