Fear of assault weapons ban spurs sales

FRESNO, Calif.

"It will ban the sale the importation and the possession, not retroactively."

But her goal to limit the spread of these guns, is actually fueling demand for more. Fresno Gun Shop owner Bill Mayfield says her comments and before that, the re-election of President Obama is feeding the fears of some gun enthusiasts.

"When you have a Democrat in office and Feinstein running her mouth gun sales go up. They will buy guns because they are afraid the government is not going to let them have what they want in the future, or what they perceive at this point they now need."

The shooting at the Connecticut school prompted one Fresno gun shop owner, Justin Anderson, of Legendary Arms to offer a discount to teachers.

"We believe if there was a teacher armed any time there was an emergency an armed teacher can stop students from being injured. Other teachers from being injured."

The debate over whether the mass murder of children shows the need for fewer guns, or more guns is underway. But with more than 300 million guns in this country, California State Senator Kevin DeLeon is pushing for background checks on anyone buying ammunition for those guns.

"California has passed legislation to keep guns out of criminal hands but has done very little to prevent them from buying the very same ammunition that fuels their gun violence."

But Mayfield believes more laws putting restrictions on law abiding gun owners won't make us safer.

"If you make guns illegal they will be just as hard to get as heroin and rock cocaine, in other words you don't go to the store to get it, you go out to the street and buy it."

But not all gun shops are responding to the demand. Retailer Dick's Sporting Goods has stopped selling several assault type rifles, similar to the one used in the school shooting.

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