Salvation Army trailer taken by thieves in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

While they were waiting for police to take the case, a Salvation Army employee happened upon the stolen goods. But that's just the beginning of the mystery.

The good news is that the missing trailer was once again behind a fence on Wednesday night, kept under lock and key.

But now the Salvation Army wants to know who took it and why.

As word of the heist spread, so did the questions. At first David Mullins didn't really think much of the missing truck trailer. Employees often take them to headquarters when they get full.

But after a few hours, when there was no sign of the rig, the Salvation Army called the cops.

The trailer was full of donations to the tune of $5 thousand.

"Anywhere from pots and pans, cups, saucers, Christmas items, anything people feel they have no use for that we can put in other ways," Mullins said.

But then the tale of the taken trailer took a twist. One of the Salvation Army drivers spotted it off Blackstone, parked on a side street like it's always been there.

"That's kind of a mystery as far as who did it, how it got there, we're trying to figure that out," Mullins said.

The trailer eventually made its way back to the main office. Administrator Terry Skelton says his rehabilitation program is desperate and doesn't function without donations.

"80% of the income to run this center comes from our stores and that's what's on that truck," Skelton said.

Skelton tells us he's still shocked. A heist of this magnitude has never happened before. While he looks into preventative measures his employees say - "shows the desperation of the times we're in right now you don't know what to expect and from whom," Mullins said.

As for all the donations inside the trailer, employees are hoping they're still inside. It didn't look like the lock was broken but they're waiting for police to make that determination.

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