Valley charities are seeing a donation decrease

January 2, 2013 12:00:00 AM PST
It may be a New Year, but for Valley non-profit groups it means trying to find the means to serve more people at a time when donations decrease.

The Community Food Bank is starting off the New Year a little less full than they'd like.

Empty shelves line the warehouse, many donors apparently taking a holiday from giving as the holidays end.

Community Food Bank Development Director Kym Dildine said, "Lots of people think about those who are in need between Christmas and New Years and even though we're only one day out of New Year's, donations have already begun to drop. People move on and unfortunately hunger is an everyday disaster."

The food bank says each day one in four people here in the Valley will go hungry.

Dildine said, "We just don't have enough food to feed all the people who are in need in our community."

However, the food bank says you can help by donating time or money. In fact, just one dollar can provide nine meals.

The Community Food Bank houses hundreds of thousands of pounds of food. All this food will go to about 180 organizations to feed hungry people in the Valley.

Catholic Charities distributes supplies from the food bank in addition to the donations they receive. However, with the holiday food drives over, their supplies will really start to dwindle.

Catholic Charities Operation Manager Jody Hudson said, "The need doesn't go away, it's still as strong as ever. We're really just relying upon the community to continue to support us and support those that are in need."

Catholic Charities serves 100 families a day and there are ways you can help.

Jody Hudson says people can donate cash, food or items to their thrift store.

"They can come down and donate their time, they can come down and work in the warehouse," Hudson said. "There are many different ways to give, it's not always financially."

So whether it's a donation of money or your time, Valley non-profit organization are hoping you'll keep donating during the holidays and the rest of the year.