Man killed after allegedly trying to run over a deputy in Madera Co.


It all started on Friday afternoon. That's when a Madera County deputy spotted Roseberg's truck and recognized it. The deputy knew Rosenberg had an outstanding warrant connected to Methamphetamine charges. He stopped to talk to him and investigators say that's when Rosenberg aimed his pickup truck straight for the deputy and started driving. Erica Stuart said, "The suspect started coming at him barreling at him that's when he shot at the vehicle so he would not get hit."

The deputy was able to jump out of the way, get back in his patrol car and take off in pursuit of Rosenberg. As a precaution, Coarsegold elementary school was put on lockdown. Deputies were stationed all over the county. After a few hours, they spotted Rosenberg's truck in a barn. Stuart said they found his body nearby. He had succumbed to his injuries from the initial shooting and had positioned himself like a sniper, with a rifle on his lap. "One of the bullets did strike the truck, did hit him and he ended up dying as a result but the way it was set up he was going to ambush the deputy."

Stuart says Rosenberg had a lengthy criminal history, and he was about to add attempted murder of a police officer to that list. The deputy was officer of the year last year. "He's a veteran cop. And very calm, very methodical, knows his stuff, works narcotics, works gangs."

Rosenberg did not live in Madera county, but his pickup truck was registered to an address in Mariposa.

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