3 shot at Lone Star College in Houston


We're told two of the victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds, but were conscious when they arrived at Ben Taub Hospital. Both have been taken into surgery in what's being called 'relatively serious condition.'

"There was a lot of blood in the floor and one guy inside. I think he was shot in the leg. He was on the floor, but he wasn't dead," a Lone Star College student told us.

Authorities say the shooting was an altercation between two individuals, at least one of whom had student identification. One of the two men pulled out a handgun. A third person, identified as a maintenance man, was accidentally hit. Another woman, uninvolved in the shooting, was taken to an area hospital for a medical condition.

Two people have been taken into custody. One of the suspects was reportedly wounded in the shooting, and the other was arrested by a Houston Police Department SWAT team in a wooded area. No charges have been filed at this time.

"Panic, panic, panic. Some people were yelling don't push because someone did fall," a Lone Star College student named Keisha told us. "It hit home. It's serious. What you see you on TV going in other states, other campuses, other schools, you always say, 'Oh, I'm praying for the families, or I'm praying for those involved.' When it happens so close to home, it makes you think, it could've been me. I was however many feet away from being outside. The gunshots were so loud, I still don't know how close to my physical being."

The Lone Star College North Harris campus has been evacuated and is closed for the remainder of the day. Officials say the campus will reopen on Wednesday. Staff and students are advised to check LoneStar.edu for further updates on campus operations.

"There were teachers on every door and they told us to leave. They just kept telling us to leave, go home get into your vehicles," student Jasmine Thomas said.

Students have told Eyewitness News they heard five to six shots. One girl said sounded as if they occurred outside, in an area between the library and the cafeteria. Other students say they saw a wounded person in the library.

"I just don't know what to think. I come here to school and once you hear that, there's a lot of people that's scared," a Lone Star College student named Sharon said.

Aldine ISD had put four campuses near Lone Star College on lockdown -- Dunn Elementary, Parker Intermediate and Nimitz 9th grade campus and Nimitz High School. At about 3:30pm that lockdown was lifted, and students were dismissed. All after-school activities and athletics involving Nimitz High School have been cancelled for this afternoon and evening.

Also, YMCA staff locked down their programs located on the Lone Star College campus. They operate pre-school, child watch and after school care sites at that location. There were 17 children ranging in age from 18 months to four years in the pre-school and child watch programs at the time. Parents have since been allowed to pick up their children. All students and staff are safe.

The University of Houston system is on high alert, as a precaution in the wake of the shooting. There has been no security threat at UH.

A number of law enforcement agencies are investigating this shooting, including the Harris County Sheriff's Office, Houston Police Department, ATF and FBI.

Governor Perry has been briefed on the situation and his office is in contact with state law enforcement. A staff member says the governor's thoughts and prayers are with those who have been impacted.

The Lone Star College System has an enrollment of 90,000 students and six college campuses, according to its website. Its North Harris campus is about 20 miles north of downtown Houston.


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