West Goshen water problems continue

GOSHEN, Calif.

We met with one family that is still angry, even with running water.

Residents in the tiny Tulare County community of west Goshen say despite having running water again the problem is still too big of a headache.

The water is running clear now but it's not clean. This morning it was muddy and sandy.

The west Goshen Water Board says both primary and back up pumps failed Tuesday.

Resident Diana Mota is angry and she says the water problems began last year. Since then there have been several warnings issued about water contamination.

Mota said, "It's been seriously a living hell. There are no showers. We have to go out of town to take a shower. It's just bad."

State and county officials spent today coming up with a solution but supervisor Steven Worthley says they need to bring in experts to help.

Despite working water pumps no one is sure how long this fix will last.

Tulare County Board Of Supervisors Steven Worthley said, "We know we need a longer term one that best approaches connecting to Visalia funding issues."

The water in this area is not drinkable it still needs to be cleaned and then tested.

In the meantime the county is providing water both to drink and use to flush toilets.

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