Big-rigs have safer conditions with new Fresno business

FRESNO, Calif.

Truckers moving food and freight along Highway 99 are required to rest after a 12 hour work period. They often fill up at places like Klein's Truck Stop where people can look out for each other. But sometimes they're in much more isolated areas where thieves are waiting.

Harpreet Singh had his big rig broken into while napping at a small truck stop.

Singh said, "I have inspection of my truck. Go back on the trailer somebody broke my seal. Then i open the door they had stolen boxes from the cheese load."

DTL Transport has opened a new semi-truck parking facility at Golden State near Ashlan Avenues.

Jazz Sidhu calls it is the first of its kind in California.

Sidhu of DTL Transport said, "What it does is give you an opportunity to securely park your truck off the streets so it's not vandalized or broken into."

An access card allows entry inside the gate as well as the bathrooms. The facility is equipped with surveillance cameras which are monitored by an on-site security officer.

152 spaces are available. Singh says 75 spots have already been taken at a cost of between 199 and 250 dollars a month.

"If you go to a spot like a normal truck parking spot which is not secured and nobody is watching it's going to run you 25 dollars a day. That adds up quick,"Sidhu said.

DTL Transport saw a business opportunity two years ago when the City Of Fresno started cracking down on truckers parking their big rigs on the side of the road and in neighborhoods. Those who get caught are fined $250.

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