Sisterhood of Grace


Ruthann Bailey Miller said, "A lot of times these women I'm working with have had some type of addiction whether it be food dugs alcohol work relationships and really those aren't the root issues."

Since coming to the newly opened Sisterhood of Grace in Visalia, they've learned to tackle their issues head on, finding friends, support and faith along the way.

Renee Hart said, "My symptoms were co-dependency and overeating but the issues were sexual abuse and the trauma from that and childhood neglect."

After running group sessions out of a local coffee shop for two years, Ruthann Bailey Miller has finally set up a permanent home here on main street for her organization "Sisterhood of Grace."

The faith-based support center for women holds open meetings to help women suffering from addiction or abuse. She hopes the new center for women will be a place of rest and support for women who need it.

Miller said, "It looked like it was a long time coming because I'm 15 years in my recovery but to know I finally got to this point it was definitely a good feeling."

Ruthann, a former homeless drug addict who was traumatized by sexual abuse as a child, decided to turn her life around when she learned she was pregnant with her now-14-year-old son.

Miller said, "I cried out to god and just saw my whole life before my eyes and I said this is not what I had planned for my life."

She's since taken a 12-step program, participated in numerous recovery groups and gone back to work and school. She's even in the process of getting her master's degree.

Ruthann says sharing her own story has not only helped other women but it's helped her heal too.

The women here call each other "sisters"

Ruthann has also just opened up a safe house to provide shelter for women who need a safe place to go. She hopes to expand her services and eventually open up a crisis center for women, turning her story of struggle to success.

Sisterhood of Grace, Enrollment code: F82F25L835977
Ruthann Bailey Miller
(559) 471-9171
920 W Main St
Visalia, CA 93291

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