Changes are coming to GED testing in 2014

FRESNO, Calif.

Next year, they will be required to take a whole new test.

Many would agree that today's high school curriculum is a lot tougher than it was 20 years ago. There is greater emphasis on science, math and technology. So think, what it would be like if you dropped out of high school 10, 20 years ago? Would you be able to do the work required to get your diploma today?

Student Cesanee Nunez thinks it might be a little bit more difficult.

That's why students like 20-year-old Cesanee Nunez are being encouraged to finish up the work and take the tests for their GED before October, because starting in January of 2014 the GED test is going through a major over haul.

Fresno Adult School Vice-Principal Pecina said, "We are viewing it as a huge change for our students."

Pecina says the tests are being aligned with today's K-12 education core curriculum. The tougher course work could pose a challenge for some students.

Michael Danielsen, GED Student said, "For sure, for sure, especially with the writing and the math stuff."

Michael Danielsen, 35, dropped out of high school when he was a Sophmore. Older students like him would not only face a steep learning curve, but the test's he's currently preparing for will be a very different in 2014. They will no longer be multiple choices.

"Now it's all about how you create your own answer to justify your response and it could be more than one right answer," Pecina said.

There will not only be a shift to creative thinking but the test will be computer based no more pencil and paper.

Nunez, GED student said, "Changing it to computers would be a tad more difficult for me because I'm not a good technology person, me and technology don't get along."

Providing adults with the skills they need to be career ready has a lot to do with why the American council on education called for changes to the GED. Creative thinking, good writing and computer skills are a must in today's job market.

These students know that all too well.

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