Exos, the new way to cast a broken bone

FRESNO, Calif.

Dr. Eric Stuffmann, Orthopedic Surgeon says, "First time was roller skates, and I just slipped backward, landed under my wrist. Second time was monkey bars."

Stuffmann is no exception, but he is part of a new solution, using this Exos brace, instead of a cast to help heal broken bones.

"We already have it all molded right now. Okay it's all nice and warm, right now, so we can go ahead and fit it and mold it to your hands," Stuffmann said.

Manali Shah broke her wrist snowboarding.

"I was coming down hill and took an edge wrong and landed backwards on the backside of my hand," shah said.

Downhill to the doctor's office, she's one of the first to get the customized cast. It's made out of three layers of high tech polymers and foam that create a lightweight, adjustable, extremely strong brace.

Unlike traditional plaster and fiberglass casts, this one can be removed daily plus it offers another convenience.

The cast is said to be waterproof as well.

Manali had a traditional cast first, and then changed to the Exos.

"It was great, because I could finally take it off to get a shower, I didn't have to put a bag over my hand; and it just breathes really well," she said.

Now, she's looking forward to tackling the mountain once again. The new casts cost the same as traditional ones. Many insurance plans also cover the cost.

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