Men pretend to be PG&E workers to enter Fresno home

FRESNO, Calif.

This home in southwest Fresno was the target. Two men opened the gate, and walked right up to the door and rang the bell.

Resident Andrea Lizarraga said, "We were woken up by the doorbell ringing twice around 7 a.m."

Lizarraga says her father in law answered the door.

"There were two men at the door, disguising themselves as PG&E workers. Wearing construction vests, construction helmets, but none of anything saying PG&E," said Lizarraga.

They tried to talk their way inside.

"And they were like we need to get inside and check your meters and he said, okay, well I want to see your badges and as soon as he said that they said okay we'll be back and get our badges," Lizarraga said.

The men left, and didn't come back. Neighbors said they drove off in burgundy colored crew cab Chevy pickup, with three other men inside.

PG&E spokesman Denny Boyles says the family did the right thing.

"Always ask for identification, no PG&E worker is going to attempt to come into your house or on your property unless they are carrying an id badge," Boyles said. "You can also verify by calling us to ask us if anyone from PG&E should be at your home."

Fresno police were notified and have been looking for the suspects. It's common for burglars to ring the bell, or knock on the door, just to see if anyone is home before breaking in. While they didn't try to force their way in, it's clear they were up to something.

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