Eaglecrest bird nests draw global attention

FRESNO, Calif.

Birds are among the many forms of wildlife which call scenic Eaglecrest estate home. The pond is a big draw on this 200 acre parcel in Prather.

Property Manager Eddie Peverill knows every inch.

Peverill said, "Even though that's a dead tree we kind of call it the tree of life."

For good reason. A camera set up next to the tree shows Wilma the Canada goose incubating 8 eggs. But Wilma also has barn owls as neighbors.

Peverill explained, "About 10-12 feet below the nest box there's a hole about so big in the tree. So they're in same tree? They're in the same tree. And no problems? No problems."

Stitch the red tail hawk is also nesting on the property. She has laid one egg so far.

Eddie is in charge of a room referred to as "mission control." 13 cameras have been set up to watch the birds behavior 24/7. In the last year the wildlife has attracted over two million views on Ustream.

Peverill said, "Yeah it blows my mind sometimes, it really does."

Former Pelco owner David McDonald lives at Eaglecrest estate. He was shocked to find so many people shared his interest in bird watching.

The site shows people from 116 different countries are waiting for the eggs to hatch.

Peverill said, "I think you just have people who didn't see this every day. They live in big cities and this is kind of an escape to get away."

McDonald's hobby has become a global phenomenon. He told me it's very gratifying to share the beauty of Eaglecrest with bird watchers.

If you would like to check in on Wilma, Stitch, Tess the barn owl and golden eagles nesting, visit this link http://bit.ly/164cI2P.

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