Experts say warm spring means more bugs

FRESNO, Calif.

Bob Hill of B&D Pest Control has been busy making the rounds, spraying around homes to kill growing bug populations around the valley.

Hill said, "We gotta try to hit the base of the house and the flower beds and stuff because that's where they're gonna be. Moisture areas you gotta watch the customer. Make sure they don't have a lot of excessive moisture."

Cockroaches thrive in cool, moist areas. Fresno county entomologist Gene Hannon said roach traps can help determine how big a problem you may have. Hannon explained, "If you have a trap and you find just one per month then it might just be an occasional invader. But if you're starting to find them regularly like every day or two of three a day then that shows they're likely breeding there."

Roach-filled traps signal an infestation. Many homeowners have noticed more pests outside so it's important you take protective measures because they're on the move.

Hannon said, "Insects are cold-blooded so as it gets warmer they're more active. People are outside more so they're starting to see activity. Typically, as the grounds and habitats start to dry up insects are looking for moisture which is often around the edge of homes."

Hill also wipes away spider webs during his visits.

Some homeowners may have noticed it is black widow season once again - another reason why spring cleaning is so important. Hill said, "You've gotta watch what you have around your house. Make sure you don't have a bunch of clutter against the house, places for them to hide."

People often bring Gene Hannon bugs to look over. Hissing cockroaches are exotic but harmless and won't be found around your home.

Both Hill and Hannon also made an interesting point. People love to lay down plastic tarp and mulch in their flower beds but the added moisture can also attract roaches and other bugs.

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