Overseas lotto scams prey on elderly

May 24, 2013 12:00:00 AM PDT
Cha and Marcia tell us how their mother has been repeatedly tricked into sending money to unknown sources because she thinks she will strike it rich. The sisters tell us how the fraudsters continuously manipulate their mother into sending thousands, and what they are still doing to try and convince her to stop paying.

Their 88-year-old mother, Elizabeth has already lost thousands of dollars in foreign lottery schemes.

"She is convinced she is going to get a car -- and $30 million -- and she will always ask 'What kind of car do you want?'" says the victim's daughter, Marcia Jones.

Despite the best efforts by authorities, Elizabeth still believes her big pay day is imminent.

"Unfortunately, she was a true believer in the fraudsters, and they had befriended her and thought she won something. We were unable to convince her she had been scammed," says US Postal Inspector, Frank Schissler.