Tense moments for Valley residents in Oklahoma

FRESNO, Calif.

A local Red Cross volunteer who spent the day comforting tornado victims was ready to take cover. And a Bulldog basketball player hopes these storms don't cause further injury.

Strong winds and more severe weather kept Oklahoma residents on edge.

Fresno State basketball player Taylor Thompson saw the twister damage up close when she flew home last week. She lives in the town of Cache. Wednesday's tornado watch left her with an uncomfortable feeling.

"It is a little uneasy because I know the damage that they can cause," said Thompson. "Thankfully all my friends and family have been fine up until now and hopefully that continues."

Red Cross volunteer Debbie Dailey of Fresno described a very emotional scene at the memorial service for seven school kids who were killed. Dailey's unit includes nurses and mental health professionals. She said it's important volunteers stay busy so they're not overcome with emotion.

"We decompress at night," said Dailey. "On my team we all share a feel good story."

Dailey has also been keeping a close eye on the skies. Taylor Thompson grew up in tornado alley so a family safety plan has long been in place.

Thompson explained, "We actually have a cellar at my house so that's nice knowing that we have that but I would just be uneasy thinking about my family."

Dailey said her team was even going door to door to check on families and ask if they needed any help.

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