Heat wave causes concerns at Selma Animal Shelter

FRESNO, Calif.

Volunteers are now working overtime to make sure animals stay safe in this very hot weather.

The scorching hot weather is taking a toll on about 30 animals who call the Selma Animal Shelter home. But, some dogs at the shelter have lived through far worse than the heat. Sir was dumped over a six-foot-fence topped with barbed wire and still has scars on his neck. "He is a friendly guy, I just don't know for the life of me why anyone would throw him over the fence," said Overholser.

Volunteers are trying to keep dogs at the shelter hydrated and cool all summer. But it is not always easy in triple-digit-temperatures. "I go home to my dogs who are in a cool air conditioned home and I just can't stop thinking about how hot they are. 110 is hot for a human let alone somebody that's got fur," said Overholser.

The animals are watered down with hoses and given little pools to splash around in. Volunteers now hope to raise enough money to install a mister system outdoors.

In August the dogs will move into a new shelter. There they will be housed indoors in an air-conditioned building. Until then, these abandoned creatures are relying on the warmth and kindness of others.

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