Artwork pays tribute to former lovers of Calf. governors

FRESNO, Calif.

The monument is meant to pay tribute to former lovers of our governors.

Christine Larson was a lover of Ronald Reagan. Ten women all lovers of California's governors.

Molly Lowe, Piper Laurie, each with have a story of love, heartache and influence. Linda Ronstadt who was Jerry Brown's girlfriend during his running for office. And Gigi Goyah, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Housekeeper.

Sacramento artist Maren Conrad's artwork was called politically vulnerable. The art work was supposed to hang inside a new downtown bar and lounge called Vanguard.

"I felt like incorporating strong smart women that were also very comfortable with their sexuality and their vulnerability was a very interesting topic for the placement," said Maren Conrad.

But then lobbyist Donne Brownsey heard about Conrad's Collection and complained to Vanguard. She felt that there were many other women that were more worthy of celebration.

So vanguard decided not to display the collection.

"It was hugely painful it was two hundred and eighty hours of my life," said Conrad.

Little did Conrad know there is no such thing as bad publicity. Sometimes controversy is a good thing. The collection once meant for a bar. Is now drawing crowds at an art gallery.

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