Fresno cold case continues to stump investigators

FRESNO, Calif.

A Fresno school teacher gone without a trace. Fresno police believe they know what happened to Sandra Kerby. Problem is, they can't prove it.

The popular teacher vanished fourteen years ago. Police say they know someone out there saw something and knows something about the strange circumstances surrounding Sandra's disappearance. And while it's been 14 years they're hoping this will be the year that someone comes forward.

The last connection anyone had with 52 year old Sandra Kerby was when she left to go shopping on July 10th 1999. Her Ford Explorer was later found in the Target shopping center at River Park.

Her keys and purse were locked inside. There's been searches and press conferences; Students at Gibson Elementary - where Sandra taught -- left messages of hope and support at the school.

Over the years the hope has faded. Four years ago, Bette Shearman, Sandra's mother, told Action News, "Maybe she disappeared, well I never had that in mind, that maybe she got mad and just went off, to me, she is dead, and I've just accepted it."

Sandra's daughter now tells Action News she's, looking for closure and is realistic about the fact that her mom may never be found. She also said she's thankful for the police involvement.

Police tell Action News, they've always been suspicious of Sandra's husband.

Chief Jerry Dyer said, "We still believe that her husband is somehow, someway involved in her disappearance, but we've not been able to prove that and so he continues to be a person of interest, however absent any new leads or additional evidence, it still remains a cold case."

We tried to talk to Frank Kerby. He spoke from behind closed doors and told us he has no comment, and referred us to his attorney.

Investigators look at Sandra's case from time to time. Chief Dyer will often assign new detectives to give the case a "fresh set of eyes."

But 14 years after her disappearance, detectives still don't know where Sandra Kerby is, and family fears they may never know.

Dyer said "We know that someone out there has information about Sandra Kerby's disappearance and death, and we're hoping their conscience can be stimulated enough that they report that to us."

Police are urging those who have information to come forward and they say -- even the smallest hint could make a difference in solving this case.

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