Made in the Valley: Kool Breeze Solar Hat

FRESNO, Calif.

"Cool heads. No more hot heads in Fresno. No more hot heads in the San Joaquin Valley. We love it," said Dr. Vernice Nellon president and owner of Kool Breeze Solar Hat.

Dr. Vernice Nellon and her husband Tommie started "Kool Breeze Solar Hat " seven years ago. One day while working outdoor on a solar project, he got the cool idea.

"He said enough is enough, I need something to keep my head cool and that's when it gave birth, which was seven years and here today we have been perfecting it over the course of time and have three different styles," Nellon said.

The cool hats all start with a basic straw hat. From there, employees at their East Central Fresno shop shape every hat making room for the fan, installing the solar panel and connecting the wires. Each hat is then tested to make sure there is a breeze for every customer.

Kool Breeze Hats are powered by the sun, but their latest product is this hard hat that comes with a lithium battery. That way it can keep workers cool whether they are outside or inside.

"We're really excited to be able to offer it to everyone and anyone that has a head and wants to remain cool," Nelon said.

Kool Breeze products are sold at select stores around the Valley and online around the world to places like Australia and India.

"At first when we brought it out in the market seven years ago, it was being done elsewhere, outside of the country and we realized very quickly we needed to be here at home, we needed it to be right here in the Central Valley," Nellon said.

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