Thousands of families flock Fresno stores to get school supplies

FRESNO, Calif.

Sunday thousands of families flocked to local stores to cross out those last minute supplies on their back to school lists. As families prepare for the new school year police officers are planning for a whole lot of congestion tomorrow on local roads.

The first day of school can't come fast enough for the Amezcua family. Especially for upcoming Manchester Gate fourth grader Andrew, who believes learning brings him one step closer to his goal.

"I want to be like a lawyer because a lawyer gets a lot of money and it helps people," Andrew Amezcua a student said.

Mom, Betty clips coupons to save a few bucks every year. She's looking forward to the end of this vacation.

"I'll miss them but god this whole summer they've been driving me crazy," Betty Amezcua said.

More than 70,000 Fresno Unified Students are heading back into the classroom on Monday morning. To kick off the school year many showed up at Target to stock up on books, binders and backpacks.

"Everyone wants to know where our back to section so we just take them to the back to school area and also we have a list back there for 1st grade, 2nd grade so that's back there so we usually give them that because it's back there," Sarah Treanor a Target employee said.

Many families say this time of year gets pricey.

"It's just something you got to do, just earn a little bit, and save it up and then spend it on them," Jose Quintero, a parent said.

More than 40,000 this year are expected are expected in Clovis Unified classrooms. That influx is expected to delay traffic.

"One thing people have to remember is that now school is back in session give yourself little more time. You are not going to be able to get where you normally used to get very quickly. The speed limit drops down to 25, you need to do that," Sgt. Jim Koch with the Clovis Police.

About 20 Clovis officers will be monitoring traffic and handing out tickets tomorrow near schools. They are reminding everyone to drive below the speed limit especially in school zones.

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