SPCA looks for homes for rescued horses

FRESNO, Calif.

The SPCA and prosecutors say it's one of the worst cases of animal abuse they have ever seen. Of the 19 horses on Kahler's property east of Clovis, four had to be euthanized. Investigators say the horses were basically left alone, so they were starving and becoming wild.

Almost two years later, the survivors are looking much better.

"They didn't have a lot of human interaction, so as you can see now, they've come such a long way and it was so great to not just see them gain the weight and get healthy but to see them, you know, have healthy interactions with human beings," said Beth Caffrey, Central California SPCA.

The SPCA still has eleven of Kahler's horses available for adoption. The adoptions are free, but keeping horses is tough, so they have a thorough application process.

Click here if you're interested in applying.

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