Two Valley Catholic schools continue tradition despite rain

FRESNO, Calif.

It was a chilly, Saturday night football game at San Joaquin Memorial. Fans brought sweaters, blankets and caps and umbrellas just in case.

"I've done many, many years of football, I know when it's cold I see the rain and I head for the car," San Joaquin Memorial fan Monica Rivera said.

Aside from low temps, weather wasn't much of a factor for fans. But Mother Nature made some noise Saturday afternoon. Winds were blowing in Northeast Fresno rattling branches and leaves. The windblown clouds of dust and dirt over Fresno concerned some CHP officers.

"The wind speeds were some concern we had some severe dust blowing in some areas of the 99 near Ashlan but no accidents because of the weather incidents yet," California Highway Patrol Sgt. Patrick Etchbarne said.

It wasn't just the wind, pockets of rain poured down in parts of the Valley as well.

"We did hear reports of some winds so that was expected but the rain was unexpected," Sgt. Etchbarne said.

Though CHP says Valley drivers did a great job behind the wheel Saturday, they also said winter is coming, and people should brace themselves for more rain, and other weather conditions.

And CHP is reminding drivers to do all their vehicle checks as we head into the winter weather and rain, make sure your windshield wipers are working, your headlights and fog lights. And remember if it's raining to slow down and not to follow so close.

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