Large gang fight in Ivanhoe ends in gunfire


Ivanhoe was the scene of a violent gang fight on Wednesday. But it wasn't between rival gangs. It stemmed from a conflict between two different cliques within the same gang.

Deputies say several people got out of a white Jeep Grand Cherokee and attacked two teenagers. The fist fight ultimately ended with gun fire. Two people were shot.

Deputies say fighting between different groups within a gang is becoming more common.

Sgt. Chris Douglass explained, "Over the past few years with that gang injunction in place not being able to have large groups in one area really helped us but we are still seeing some graffiti, we are still seeing some of the cliques fighting amongst each other even though they are still under the same umbrella of one particular type of gang."

Deputies are still looking for several more suspects who they believe were involved in the shooting.

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