Fresno Philharmonic conductor nominated for Latin Grammy

CLOVIS, Calif.

Maestro Theordore Kuchar's passion for music has taken him around the world. He never imagined that 12 years with the Fresno Philharmonic and many other orchestras would lead to a Latin Grammy nomination.

"Many of the performances that I have done with this orchestra I have never been able to equal with any of those orchestras in Europe who have an unwritten ownership on a lot of that music," Kuchar said.

Kuchar is nominated for best instrumental album for his latest release called Latin American Classics. He said the vibrant beats of the album represent various part of Latin America.

"The music of Latin America has been I don't want to say ignored but we really have not been as aware of it in the world of symphonic music," Kuchar said.

But now Maestro Kuchar finds himself in a predicament, the Latin Grammy award ceremony conflicts with a commitment to conduct another orchestra in Europe.

"One side of me says I should honor my commitment and stay in Europe and to hell with the Grammy awards. Another side of me says don't think about yourself and think of the others that could somehow benefit from this," Kuchar said.

Kuchar said the recognition at the Latin Grammys could be great for Fresno by bringing attention to the talented musicians in the Valley. Central Valley residents will have the opportunity to listen to conductor Kuchar live at the Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall.

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