Fresno High students replace boy's bike that was stolen twice

FRESNO, Calif.

"I almost cried I really did," the boy said. "I was like my bike is here and I just didn't know what to do, I was very excited."

The bike is identical to Atticus' old bike that was stolen from campus on Oct. 10. Before that theft, Atticus and his younger brother both had their bikes taken from campus as well. His parents say all three bikes were locked to a bike rack.

When Fresno High School students heard of Atticus' misfortune, the student body went classroom to classroom collecting money. They raised $360 to buy the bike. Atticus' dad, Jeremy, says it was an unexpected gesture.

"It was very touching," he said. "I think it's something that will last with him for a long time…hopefully inspire him to help out other people lives as well."

"They saved their money just for me," Atticus said surprised at the gesture. "I'm just really happy and excited."

The Sengs are so moved by the gesture, they plan to pay it forward. They are matching the price of the bike and donating it to Off the Front. Off the Front is a charity that works to provide bicycles to under privileged children in Fresno.

The organization says it will help pay for three sets of bikes, helmets and locks.

The Sengs hope the gift will change the life of three kids in the Valley.

"I know how it feels," Atticus said after being both a recipient of ill- and good-will, "that's why I'm nice to other people."

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