Key to Fresno State's Offensive Success

FRESNO, Calif.

That's because he's assessing the defense and at times, changing the play. And the results are often promising.

"We've Got so many just sleight of hand gestures or things that just look natural that we've gotten to in the 2nd year with the receivers that I can almost look at them and they'll know what route I want them to run." said Carr.

Still a little confused?

Take a closer look at Carr's fourth quarter touchdown pass to Josh Harper. Carr at the line checks the play -- and then looks over at Harper and fellow receiver Greg Watson. Derek makes a quick up and down motion with his hands and then points in their direction.

And after the snap, a thing of beauty. Fresno State Wide Receiver Josh Harper is the man who caught this ball and 16 others against Nevada last weekend.

"Last year for me, it was sometimes where I'm like whoa, what that was like or you're just guessing. But now it's like natural now." Harper said. .

By the way the running game came to life with Josh Quezada and Marteze Waller combining for 160 yards on the ground.

Tommy Tran: Everyone's been asking to run more, that specifically that you have to defend that but again just talk about that a little bit.

Dave Schramm: "Who's asking to run and why?"

Tommy Tran: A lot of the fans say why aren't we running more on third down and distance.

Dave Schramm: "Well, we're putting up a lot of points. And really that's what the offense is designed to do. And we're going to take what the defense gives us and if they're going to allow us throw the football down the field to the wide outs with the quarterback we've got than that's what we're going to do."

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