Clovis couple feeds their neighbors

FRESNO, Calif.

"The foods wonderful, lot of sharing lot of caring that's what Thanksgiving is all about," Brenda Tamayo said.

For Robinson's sharing, caring, and bringing their community together is what it is all about.

"It's just about neighborhood togetherness." Laurie said.

"I'm just thankful for everything. We're thankful for the neighbors we have," April added.

The neighbors have more than just Thanksgiving to thank April and Laurie for. For the past year they have been serving meals in the parking lot every weekend.

Valerie Tamayo loves the food.

"It's really good they usually make tacos or soups and they make homemade bread and its really good," Valerie Tomayo said.

"We were actually thinking about moving but its Thanksgiving every weekend we are going to stay with them and they've actually out done themselves today," Albert Tamayo said.

"Every weekend from five to seven on Saturday we do dinner and in the summer we switched and id breakfast because it was too hot to do dinner," April Robinson said.

April and Laurie did not want any publicity, but their niece Ashley Boone called Action News, because she thought her aunts deserved some attention.

"I think they are fabulous, they are awesome there is something special about them doing this," Boone said.

For April and Laurie, it's just a matter of living their faith.

"It's easier to give than to receive, so I find that most people find that to be true" Laurie Robinson said.

Laurie and April do not accept money for their food, but they do accept donations of food to serve to others.

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