Fresno police crackdown on DUI drivers Super Bowl Sunday

FRESNO, Calif.

Peeves Public House in Downtown Fresno threw its first Super Bowl party this year, giving people another place to sit back, watch the game, and enjoy some food and drinks.

Mike Wells brought his family and he had a plan to get everyone home safe, just in case he had one too many beers.

"If it comes down to it, my wife is more than able and willing to drive back home," Wells said.

Officers from the Fresno Police Department are vigilantly looking for traffic violators and drunk drivers.

"It's a big party day, for the most part people go to someone's house or go to a bar and party with a bunch of people, we just want to make sure they're making the right decisions," Anthony DeWall with the Fresno Police Department said.

DeWall said over the years Super Bowl partiers have become more responsible when it comes to driving home, but there are a few that still risk it.

"Fortunately a lot of people do make plans, so it's a little more difficult for us to arrest people, which is good for us because they are making the right decisions, but we do see some," DeWall said.

At Peeve's Public House owner Craig Sharton said the staff is trained to keep an eye out for customers drinking too much.

"They all tip-trained so they all know what to do, and they'll all ask each other if there's anything they need to keep an eye on, so that there is some support for them," Sharton said.

The showers that fell over the Valley Sunday made Wells a little more concerned about potentially slick streets. It's an added danger, should other drivers get behind the wheel drunk and encounter him and his family on the roads after the game.

"That's always a concern. We just hope that people make a good choice as they're heading home today," Wells said.

Fresno police said they carry out 60 similar DUI operations throughout the year. It is made possible through a state grant. And while police see a spike in DUIs during Super Bowl Sunday, it doesn't compare to their numbers on 4th of July and the holidays.

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